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University of Illinois Packaging Program


The internationally recognized UIUC Packaging Program was founded in 1992 to bring University of Illinois students in engineering and the sciences into the field of packaging.

Our unique approach provides students in all levels of degree programs with the knowledge and scope necessary to integrate advanced theoretical concepts and applied skills into packaging and its related disciplines.

Additionally, research conducted in conjunction with the University of Illinois' massive research facilities continues to expand and implement advanced technical concepts for use by the packaging industry.



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Sections on:

  • Materials and Package Production
  • Food Processing
  • Degradation Reactions
  • Shelf Life and Estimation Techniques
  • Engineering Principles
  • Transportation and Dynamics
  • Inventory Management and Economics
  • Materials Properties
  • Problem Solving Methodology
  • Optimization and Advanced Tools
  • Future Developments

Scott A. Morris “Food and Package Engineering”  Wiley & Sons. 

Publisher's link:   ISBN: 978-0-8138-1479-7

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